You may have seen IT professionals praising the word Agile, used to describe wide array of practices, principles, and frameworks, all aimed at improving team's effectiveness. As I work with them since 2011, I realized that the same way of working could, in a simplified way, be carried over to other teams.

More precisely, ANY team.

I’ve managed to identify core Agile principles and practices that can help you make your team more efficient. In other words, make your team Agile.

What can you expect upon applying the knowledge you gain in this course?

  • Less pressure and stress, effectively making you and your team happier
  • Easier to focus on what’s truly important
  • Transparency of work
  • Improved planning and predictability
  • Shorter time to market - getting job done faster
  • More satisfied stakeholders - both within your organization and external

Learn the very essence of Agile teams and how to use it with your own.

Your trainer

My name is Lukasz Olczyk. I'm an Agile coach, strategic consultant, and trainer. Since 2011, I'm helping businesses, teams, and individuals to improve their outcomes with Agile practices, principles, and mindset.

Before that, I was a project manager and software developer (trivia: I'm proficient with assembly language, so I actually know how computers work!).

I'm agnostic to the bone - outcomes over methodologies.

You can connect to me on LinkedIn.

Enjoy my training!

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